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hi, we're set apart

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hi there! I'm kristyna, the owner + maker here at set apart studio. my husband mark + i live in massachusetts with our three babies, + we both work in the field of mental health. my career began over fourteen years ago, working with children with autism/intellectual disabilities, but since finishing my masters degree seven years ago, i have been working as an emergency psych clinician in local emergency rooms + providing co-response with our local police department. the last seven years have also been my favorite as a mama- which is the best, most rewarding/fulfilling experience i could imagine.

the studio was established in 2016 as "set apart signs," where we offered handmade wooden home + wedding signage. although i continue to make signs as a hobby, set apart only takes on a handful of orders per year (mostly the ones celebrating motherhood or logo signs for small businesses). signs were my first adventure, + although no longer my main focus, i am forever grateful for the foundation that opened the door to this amazing community. set apart's natural wellness + skincare line took off far greater than we could have expected. in order to give you, my family, + my work my best, it was important to prioritize my time as we now have a website with multiple shipping days per week, products in over 27 stores/spas/salons nationwide + roughly 30 in-person events each year.

you may find some signs at our in-person events (check out the event tab for details), + you will definitely find hand crafted earrings, as together these collections tell a story of taking care of you: your body, your mind, + your spaces. we love small business + events so much that we began another business, "the market for makers" (@themarketformakers) where creatives can connect, grow + thrive through a platform + series of community makers markets/events.

over the last 6.5 years, set apart has served as an outlet for healing, a teaching platform for the creatives + a trustworthy source of handmade goods. over time, i have expanded my knowledge base, obtained machines + software to provide the best products possible + grown my craft to include an a greater scope/quality of goods. in the same manner, i have also refined the collections, bringing you only the products you love most (along with some seasonal selections), which are always the products that bring me the most joy to create. my favorite part about creating is the ability to take raw materials + turn them into useful + beautiful products/art-- only putting forth what I would personally use/have for myself, my kiddos + our home.

i am overjoyed to bring you natural wellness for the body + mind, for you + all your favorite humans. our name derives from deuteronomy 14:2 + with that, we hope to remind you that you have been Set Apart + chosen.
thank you for choosing us.


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