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his rock collection

my dad has been using resin for a couple years on live edge wood (i’m telling you, my humans are crafty) + resin always intimidated me because of the precision + lack of true control over the medium. i love a good challenge.

i went with geodes in memory of a very special human. a family man, proud italian + science teacher. but not any science teacher, the one who genuinely loved + lived the subject, with a huge heart for teaching the littles — the science teacher his students talked about well into adulthood. my grandfather had the B E S T geode + rock collection + i remember his explanations of where the stones/crystals came from + how they were formed— backed by hard science, strong faith + always a little room for mystery.

agate was originally found by a river in italy, referred to in the bible as “treasures hid in the sand,” + geodes are often referred to as “blossoms of the rock.” each geode tells their story- the experience of transforming from sand into gems of real worth. too much thought for a monday? you decide.

these ones are for you, Papa.🖤🤙🏽✨

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