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matching christmas jammies

merry christmas from us here at set apart studio to all of Y O U. these humans right here are the reason behind it all + the continued support from all of you is the reason we can keep the dream going.

this christmas, our shop has paused to fully enjoy the holiday season, each other, the tiniest human’s first christmas, the magic in the eyes of our littles + the love of our families.

our family grew by one little pair of matching christmas jammies this year + although she’s too young to take part in annual gingerbread man baking, she is PERFECT, these boys are perfect + although life can be far from perfect, it is beyond anything we could have asked for. merry christmas! 🖤🤙🏼🌲

logging off until after christmas- we hope you enjoy the holiday, staying safe + healthy + happy with the ones you love!

📷: @still.alyssa of course.

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