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although i’m S U R E that yesterday was a dream, i am going to address it like it somehow actually happened.

a few hours into the event, i went to the car to change our 7 month old baby. i started to make my way back + saw our booth, filled with humans + handmade goods + laughter. i had to wipe away legitimate tears as i saw the past four years of set apart studio + the foundation that this hobby-turned-business has built. from a desk, to a dining room table, to every surface of a tiny apartment + now outgrowing the entire basement of our home, i can’t thank you enough for supporting us in every season.

on the way home from NH, my phone (gps) died + wouldn’t take a charge. i took the backroads i knew + wound up driving right through my hometown, right past the street i grew up on. all i heard was “look how far you’ve come.” faith + dedication + hard work + support are the only reasons SAS exists. i hope it’s apparent that set apart studio is more than just a business, that your purchases are more than just sales. being able to bring you joy + see your happiness was unbelievable + i’m not sure i’ll ever be able to fully process my gratitude.

also— to the beautiful human who told me that she came to the event just “for us” after following our journey here... thank you. you made my day + i most certainly teared up again after you left.

holy smokes, we are so grateful. thank you to the humans who have pushed us to where we are today (intentionally or not), to those who have supported us, purchased our goods, been patient with us, loyal to us + worked with us to make our dreams come true. our family is the reason behind SAS + you’re the reason we love it so much.

@camaraderiestyle - thank you so much for the opportunity yesterday + for being genuinely sweet souls.

thank you, we love you. 🖤🤙🏽

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