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this listing is for custom breast milk soap. please read thoroughly before purchasing.


a mama’s breast milk is known for helping their tiny human with eczema, dry skin, irritations, scrapes, rashes + more. this combo of our nourishing cocoa butter soap with vitamin e, our sweet babe oil blend + milk made by you specifically to meet your baby’s needs is *chef’s kiss.*


after purchasing, you will receive an email with information regarding sending your breast milk our way. if you are local to leominster massachusetts, you can drop off your breast milk (all bags in one bag with your name on the front of the bag). if you are not local, you will need to ship your breast milk in a thermally insulated container.


soaps are $8 per bar + you have two options:


  • small batch:

6oz of milk is needed for about 5 bars of soap.

  • large batch:

12oz of milk is needed for about 10 bars of soap.


for both batches, whatever is left that doesn’t make a full bar will be made into individual mini soap hearts- every last drop of soap is saved for you, we know how precious that milk is! sometimes due to the type of breast milk to send (morning versus evening, newborn versus older baby) the milk will make more or less- we will keep you posted to ensure you get the most out of what you provide.



ingredients (along with the breast milk you provide!):

all organic: cocoa butter base, vitamin e, sweet orange oil, ho wood oil, chamomile oil, vetiver oil


[ we never use any additives, metals, artifical ingredients or fragrances! ]


please use within one year + store in the fridge until use for best results!

boobie bars | custom breast milk soap

  • we strive to provide quality handmade products with ethically sourced materials + care in each step of the process. if you are not satisfied with your purchase - reach out, we would love to make it right!

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