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this gel cleanser lathers up + gently yet deeply cleans the skin. with provitamin b5 to help rejuvinate + moisturize, as well as aloe + hydrolyzed wheat, your skin will be nourished, soothed, + clear of impurities.



pump a dime/quarter sized amount of product in your fingertips + rub gently into damp skin in an upwards circular motion. pat dry + follow up with remainder of skincare routine.



organic: aloe vera, vegan glycerin, tea tree oil, provitamin b5, citric acid, hydrolyzed wheat protein (gf), sodium chloride, tetrasodium glutamate (vegetable-based preservative assisting in product stability + consistency)


[ we never use any additives, metals, artifical ingredients or fragrances! ]

please store in a cool + dry place + use within one year.

provitamin gel | facial cleanser

  • we strive to provide quality handmade products with ethically sourced materials + care in each step of the process. if you are not satisfied with your purchase - reach out, we would love to make it right!

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