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woke up this morning before the kiddos, made a cup of coffee + while it was brewing I glanced over + started to tear up over my dining room table. those of you who know me know it takes a lot for me to get weepy (unless it’s sappy TV- thanks for this gene, mom) so it must be something.

this year has been hard for all + i am not here to throw around that it’s been a good year for us, but i whole heartedly believe that gratitude heals. i am B E Y ON D grateful for the support that has enveloped us this year, the family + friends, the hosting venues, our team that crafted their hearts out for our studio corner, + YOU, all of you who support us by purchasing, sharing, interacting, + lovin’ on us in all of the ways.

i am forever grateful for this business that started as a hobby on my dining room table 4.5 years ago. i’ve refinished the table top three times now. i know it will end up in the studio office as that comes to life this year, but i’m a full believer that kitchens are for dancing + creating so i will most likely dent // paint // stain // scratch the next one too.

we live here, we create here, we love here, y’all. so this year i am extra thankful for this space + the humans i share it with, the only Way i am able to balance it all, this business, this Set Apart family. i wish i could hug each + every one of you, but you know, 2020 germs.

T Y S M, we love you, + cheers to 2021🖤✨

i don’t know about you but i’m seeing a lot of posts about being ready for a new year + ready to start fresh. while i am all for clean slates + goal-setting — i’m going to say it + address the elephant in the room.

2021 is in three days. it’s a new year, but it’s also just this friday. as in, when the clock strikes midnight, there’s no magic mood boost, no magic automatic feeling of balance + certainly no magic stress eliminator. our futures don’t start in three days, they start one minute from now + maybe it’s my mama-side talking but the minutes S P E E D by. so this is my challenge to you (myself included): choose to be the person you want to be now, choose joy now, change your habits now, be the best parent + friend + spouse + business owner + version of you N O W. every day we have the opportunity to point our lives in the direction we want to go, so why wait for a new year?

they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.. so let’s skip the intentions + choose to do the dang thing instead. who’s with me?


this year, we made so many gifts for your loved ones, announcements for your big moments, signs for your new homes. each order, each gift bag, each handwritten note, each sign carefully crafted with your happiness + loved ones in mind... it all means more than you know.

thank you for choosing us + supporting small this season. thank you for growing with us, learning with us, being patient with us + celebrating with us. despite the challenges this year brought to all, it has been the best one yet for SAS + we are eternally grateful.

we’re back at it, one week from today, ready to bring your custom sign orders to life. hope you’re ready for all the sign goodies, we have stock designs + new collections coming straight from the heart 🖤🤙🏼

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