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goodbye 2020

woke up this morning before the kiddos, made a cup of coffee + while it was brewing I glanced over + started to tear up over my dining room table. those of you who know me know it takes a lot for me to get weepy (unless it’s sappy TV- thanks for this gene, mom) so it must be something.

this year has been hard for all + i am not here to throw around that it’s been a good year for us, but i whole heartedly believe that gratitude heals. i am B E Y ON D grateful for the support that has enveloped us this year, the family + friends, the hosting venues, our team that crafted their hearts out for our studio corner, + YOU, all of you who support us by purchasing, sharing, interacting, + lovin’ on us in all of the ways.

i am forever grateful for this business that started as a hobby on my dining room table 4.5 years ago. i’ve refinished the table top three times now. i know it will end up in the studio office as that comes to life this year, but i’m a full believer that kitchens are for dancing + creating so i will most likely dent // paint // stain // scratch the next one too.

we live here, we create here, we love here, y’all. so this year i am extra thankful for this space + the humans i share it with, the only Way i am able to balance it all, this business, this Set Apart family. i wish i could hug each + every one of you, but you know, 2020 germs.

T Y S M, we love you, + cheers to 2021🖤✨

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