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apotheca artisan faire

this weekend was magic. the one + only @apothecaflowers ( @wffsa + @florists_review top retail florist - wow) + more importantly, alyssa, the true genuine woman behind it all for the past 15 years, invited us to the design house for a winter artisan faire. two days of (masked) smiles, gifting, + just good / safe human interaction. holiday shopping was done, connections were made + we couldn’t be happier.

a nor’easter didn’t stop all of you from coming out to support local artisans + we wouldn’t be more thankful for your support.

thank you @apothecaflowers + @lisa_mazur for putting this together, the other local vendors who brought their a game + thank you to everyone who helped out behind the scenes, showed up, or even just reached out to show your support. truly a magical weekend. 🖤✨

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