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for the essential carriers

just a quick lil thank you to all of the essential carriers that have made running a small business a W H O L E lot easier in the insanity that has been 2020.

i had an awesome conversation with one of our regular carrier guys the other day + thanked him for consistent timely pickups, for always personally handing me our packages + for being happy + genuinely loving his job- it really shows.

these individuals go HOME to HOME, in a global pandemic. they show up when people often aren’t expecting it, deliver to strangers + often get the blame when packages aren’t on time. they work early + late, around the clock + 10x harder during the holidays. it’s easier (speaking for myself!) to thank the essential employees that come to mind, especially as i work in healthcare + with first responders, but today i’m extra grateful for the essential employees behind the scenes.

so this holiday season as online shopping is at an all time high, let’s make an effort to thank all of our USPS, FedEx, UPS, Amazon (+ all of the equally important other!) delivery humans as they’re certainly essential + a vital part of our team, personally + professionally 🖤✉️📦

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