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midst of chaos

when the busy business season hits, i always need to remind myself to take breaks. when i lose myself in the routines of motherhood, i need to remind myself to engage in my hobbies + self care.

but that’s how this whole little shindig started- so what happens when your hobbies become your business? you get creative.

all slabs are created in the midst of chaos. when i feel that the orders + business (+ even life sometimes!) are overwhelming (don’t get me wrong - more thankful than EVER, but a mama gets tired y’all) i start creating for no purpose other than creativity itself. sometimes i love it, sometimes it becomes a new ball of clay for the kiddo’s craft corner.

sometimes i am inspired, sometimes i just wing it, either way they’re forever unique, original, + so flipping FUN + therapeutic to make. but always, they are a product + symbol of pushing through, of the good that can come out of persistence. so cheers to making your passions your reality, to taking breaks even if they’re productive, + to just taking it day by day in what has come to be one of the best years for learning + growing.


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