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the most insane time of the year

it’s the most wonderful time of the (craziest, most insane, yet beautiful) year. 🖤🌲

i would argue that 2020 was amazing for us, between birthing my daughter (naturally- what the?!), marrying my best friend, expanding SAS + spending more time with our boys. but in between all of those amazing things, 2020 was H A R D + challenging in lots of big + little ways.

one recent surface example (+ hi i’m a human moment): i had to remake A L L of the holiday sign orders with painted backgrounds. yep. there’s a national shortage on the paint i use for signs + although i thought i would be all set with the paint i used in the studio in college. . . i was N O T 👏🏻 all 👏🏻 set 👏🏻.

now that we’ve had all the coffee, late night laughs + all the signs are remade (except one for a very special gal you’ll virtually meet soon!), we can laugh about it + get back to reflecting. the sign pictured here is one from SAS’s very first holiday season, made with introductory methods— i’m talking microsoft word + chalk paper... + a whole lotta heart.

i hope you enjoy this week with your loved ones! (+ that they don’t attempt neil diamond’s christmas album like my hubs...) 🖤🌲

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