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when the busy business season hits, i always need to remind myself to take breaks. when i lose myself in the routines of motherhood, i need to remind myself to engage in my hobbies + self care.

but that’s how this whole little shindig started- so what happens when your hobbies become your business? you get creative.

all slabs are created in the midst of chaos. when i feel that the orders + business (+ even life sometimes!) are overwhelming (don’t get me wrong - more thankful than EVER, but a mama gets tired y’all) i start creating for no purpose other than creativity itself. sometimes i love it, sometimes it becomes a new ball of clay for the kiddo’s craft corner.

sometimes i am inspired, sometimes i just wing it, either way they’re forever unique, original, + so flipping FUN + therapeutic to make. but always, they are a product + symbol of pushing through, of the good that can come out of persistence. so cheers to making your passions your reality, to taking breaks even if they’re productive, + to just taking it day by day in what has come to be one of the best years for learning + growing.


happy december! as the year winds down, we want to start the new year with gratitude + make sure the important things come first. making goodies is fun, but doing good is what it’s all about.

we are so thankful that we could work with many nonprofits this year who devote their time + resources to others. working in human services for the past 11 years in real life, this work has always been near to my heart.

this year we were honored to work with/donate to groups in girls inc, be like brit, the ms foundation, veterans inc + community healthlink. next year we are striving to work with six nonprofits (or similar foundations).

if you’d like to nominate a nonprofit that we can support with our craft, whether through monetary proceeds or gift baskets or the goodies themselves, send us an email or DM- we would love to hear about how these companies are making a difference + how we can support them in doing so, even in a small way ✨🖤

what are you thankful for? 🖤

this year we eloped, had our baby girl, expanded the business, drank more coffee than we should have, used more sanitizer than appropriate + worked harder than ever.

we are so thankful for happiness, health + faith. it’s been a weird year, but joy isn’t circumstantial + as one of my favorite authors @maxlucado says, “gratefulness is the greatest virtue.”

happy thanksgiving!

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